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Save With Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling
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Save With Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling
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Save With Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Save money without having to compromise on comfort when choosing your new heating or cooling system in Northern Alabama and speak with your energy efficiency pros at HC Blake. We've been in business for over 135 years with a long and proven track record of providing the best solutions and value for our customers. Read testimonials from some of our existing customers here and about our service level guarantee here.


Discover how we can help save you money by making heating and cooling your home energy efficient:



To get the most energy efficient heating or cooling system, you need to look at the AFUE & SEER ratings. Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) for heating systems and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings for cooling systems, guide you as to the energy efficiency of each model. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the system and the more money you'll save on the operating costs over the lifetime of your system.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises consumers to choose an experienced professional to perform the installation of their heating and cooling systems. A professional HVAC technician knows how to best and correctly place and install an HVAC system which will help you achieve maximum operating efficiency.


With preventative maintenance checks, you can maximise the lifespan and energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Not only will a periodic tune up ensure maximum operating potential, and keep your system running at peak efficiency, it also helps to avoid potential system break downs in the future due to minor problems that would be picked up in a service check.


By splitting your heating and cooling into zones, you're able to reduce costs by only selecting to heat or cool rooms or areas that are in use. Each zone is independently controlled, so you're also able to select different temperatures in each zone, giving greater control of individual comfort. With system zoning, it's easy to start reducing energy consumption and see real savings on your utility costs. Zoning can be retro-fitted, so even your older system can start working more efficiently for you.


Another EPA recommendation is installing a digital programmable thermostat as a means to improving your heating and cooling system energy efficiency. The programmable timer can be preset for more efficient and convenient heating and cooling.


With wireless sensors your system can download live outside temperature information and make adjustments to your inside temperature that can help save you money.


With an HC Blake energy audit we can evaluate your current energy usage and locate energy loss points and recommend and install new systems, maintenance or upgrades to improve your home's energy efficiency whilst reducing your utility costs.

To begin saving money with smarter energy efficient heating and cooling choices in your home or business in Huntsville and surrounding areas, call and speak with the energy efficiency pros at HC Blake today.

Family Owned And Operated

HC Blake is still family owned and operated by descendants of the original founders, and is proud to offer the a level of friendly service appreciated by our customers through the generations. Call HC Blake today!

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Why Choose HC Blake

When it comes to the best in service, at HC Blake we have been delighting our customers for over 135 years, since 1884. Discover the HC Blake guarantee yourself today.


We recognise that plumbing, electrical and HVAC emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. That's why we're available whenever you need us.


At HC Blake, we're fully licensed and insured for all your residential and commercial HVAC, plumbing and electrical service needs.


HC Blake was first started in 1884 and has been a family owned and operated business ever since.


You choose the time and day that is most convenient for you, and you can depend on us to be with you at your appointed time.


We know the pride you take in your home, so you can depend on our team to limit any mess by using mats in all work areas and wearing covers on their shoes. We'll also take the time to clean up all our work areas before leaving, so your home will always be left as clean and tidy as when we arrived.


When HC Blake was founded way back in 1884 it was built on an ideal of outstanding customer service and great prices. Nothing has changed – we just have over 135 years more experience of delivering on these promises. That's why we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our service!

HC Blake Is Hiring

HC Blake has serviced the Huntsville area for over 135 years. As part of our continued growth, we are looking for our next talented and highly motivated employees to join our Huntsville Team.

Hopefully that next person is You!